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About our company

Q CUTIANS is a famous luxury dress brand, which was founded in Paris, France. The founder, Feery, whose family started from Louis XIV, has handed down the handmade French court dance dress and ballet TUTU dance skirt from generation to generation. The word TUTU comes from the French word "a small piece on the hip". The skirt is very short, never above the knee, and the dancer's whole leg will be exposed, which is very beautiful. Feery is also a famous ballet dancer in France. The inspiration of Feery's TUTU skirt design comes from the fact that two daughters often rush to wear her ballet dress. It took two years for Feery and the family to solve this problem. With the family's exclusive craft and strict material selection, each skirt only uses two layers of tulle to shrink 100 meters, and the classical ballet skirt on the stage is designed as a skirt that can be worn on multiple occasions, A "TUTU skirt" was born to let every girl wear a sense of ritual in daily life. Accomplished the dream of the daughters, and named the brand after the two daughters, which was popular with girls and sold all over the world, making the princess dream no longer a dream